Kata - Bassai Dai

English - Storming a fortress; Large

As the name suggests, Bassai Dai is a strong and powerful kata, and should be performed with force and spirit. It is one of the fundamental katas of Shotokan karate, and as such will reward the effort put in to training in it. It also appears in other styles, and before he left Sensei Chris made this study of different interpretations.

Make sure that your moves are large and powerful. When performing the cross blocking sequences at the beginning, make sure that you use your hips to generate power as you move from "normal" to gyaku blocks and back.

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Sensei Kawasaki

Very strong and powerful. Note though that unlike in our club, he doesn't use a mikazuki-geri before the mountain punches (yama-zuki)(wide U-punches).

Sensei Kawazoe

Slowly, then quickly from the front and from the side.