Kata - Ji'in

English - Temple Grounds

While superficially similar, Ji'in requires much more of a feeling of sharp and fast movement than the straightforward power of Jion. The turning moves into kiba-dachi require practice to ensure that each technique is performed in the correct stance.

There are two ways of performing the kosa-uke crossed blocks. In the SKA we perform all of them so that the downward gedan arm is with the front leg. Some other organisations, notably Sensei Kanazawa's SKIF, teach that all except the first are performed with the chudan arm with the front leg.

Video links

Videos from YouTube

The "Blue Video"

In this old JKA video, the crossed blocks are performed as we do in the SKA. Note that this video has no sound.

Sensei Kanazawa

Fast and then slow. Notice that he performs the crossed blocks differently.