Kata - Jion

English - The Temple at Jion

Jion is a structurally simple kata which relies on good power to perform well. It requires solid training in zenkutsu-dachi, kokutsu-dachi and kiba-dachi, making sure that the correct stance is used for each technique. Longer than its cousins Ji'in and Jitte, it needs good fitness if a good performance is to be produced at the end of a grading.

After each kakiwake-uke, keep the hands in position while kicking mae-geri, moving them straight into the first of the three punches. These punches are all chudan. Use your hips in the age-uke - gyaku-zuki combinations.

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Sensei Kanazawa

Fast and then slow.

Unknown JKA Black Belt

Fast, sharp and powerful, with good rhythm.