Terminology - Remembering

Ever had difficulty remembering terminology? For instance how to remember Haiwan, Gaiwan, Shuwean and Naiwan? or the parts of the foot, etc...

To help you remember the terms I would suggest using mnemonics - make up a phrase which jogs your memory. Do you remember learning trigonometry at school? Your teacher probably got you to remember the sine and cosine rules by giving you a phrase like "Some Old Horses, Can Always Hear, Their Owners Approach", or "Sohcahtoa".

There are plenty of mnemonics for remembering pretty much everything - "On his way he madly puns" is a rhyming mnemonic for "honi soit qui maly pense" which appears on the royal garter.

Mnemonics can be used to help you remember Karate terminology too, so here's a couple to start off with: -

Naiwan, Haiwan, Gaiwan, Shuwan (inner , top , outer and under) forearm Ninjas Hate Green Sushi - my main trouble is remembering the order of these
Sokuto (side of foot), Haisoku (in step) Sokuto, and Haisoku both have the "sock" sound in them, and Haisoku is "High Sock" - so instep, and Sokuto - when making this foot position your big toe is up - so"Sock U(p) Toe"

If you come up with any more you'd like to share e-mail me and I'll post them up.