Instructor Training Course - First Aid for Karateka

Last weekend an SKA Instructor Training Course was held, and Dr Claire Royston from Cambridge Karate Club gave a presentation on first aid for karateka.

If you wish to download the course materials they can be found here: -

Basic first aid for karateka.pdf

Other SKA Clubs

Cambridge Karate Club is a member of the Shotokan Karate Association run by Sensei Greg Durant 7th Dan. There are many other SKA clubs, mostly around the East of England and North London.

Accounts on Cambridge Karate Club

The purpose of having an account on this website is so that you can create and edit content. As I get several requests for accounts per week and from dubious names I can only assume that these are from pepole with ill intent.

For this reason only an adminstrator can create an account on the site, please submit your details to your sensei if you think you require an account on the website.

Terminology - Remembering

Ever had difficulty remembering terminology? For instance how to remember Haiwan, Gaiwan, Shuwean and Naiwan? or the parts of the foot, etc...

To help you remember the terms I would suggest using mnemonics - make up a phrase which jogs your memory. Do you remember learning trigonometry at school? Your teacher probably got you to remember the sine and cosine rules by giving you a phrase like "Some Old Horses, Can Always Hear, Their Owners Approach", or "Sohcahtoa".

Pronunciation of Japanese Terms

In the average karate lesson we tend to use many Japanese terms, "Mae-geri", "Kekomi", "Sensei", and "osu". Are we pronouncing these terms correctly, and why are they spelt using our western alphabet? This article hopes to shed light on some of these questions.

Written Japanese
Japanese is usually written using a mixture or kanji (pictographs) and hiragana, and for foreign words they use a phonetic spelling written in Katakana.

3rd Dan Theses

As part of the Sandan Grading the examinees must submit a thesis. There follows a list of some of the thees submitted in the past by SKA students: -

Training Course for Black Belt

On Friday nights there is training for black belt with Sensei Rob in Enfiled: -

Recommended Karate Books

This is the book list from the syllabus, the links provided are amazon associate links and money collected through this scheme goes towards funding the website: -

Contact Us

You can contact our club secretary on the following e-mail (, you might like to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page first.

Google Calendars

There are two maintained Google calendars which have all the events in them: -

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