Monday training disruption

At present there will be no training on Monday 1st October or Monday 8th October, as Kelsey Kerridge is in use for Freshers' events on both dates. We're trying to find alternative locations, but with no success so far. Any updates will be announced here.

Grading: 16th September 2012

Well done to all 21 students who graded on Sunday 16th September 2012. We have pictures and results.

Monday 27th August - no training

There will be no training on Monday 27th August as Kelsey Kerridge closes early for the Bank Holiday. Other training is unaffected.

A Field for Dreams - video now available

Well done to everyone who took part in "A Field for Dreams" at the Big Day out on Saturday 7th July, following the arrival of the Olympic Torch. A video of the demonstration has now been uploaded to YouTube, and at some point we hope to have an official video too. Read more to see the video...

Extra hour's training - Monday 9th July

On Monday 9th July there will be an extra hour's training at Kelsey Kerridge, from 9.30-10.30pm. Sensei Claire will be teaching the performance and applications of the kata Gankaku. As usual, the cost of the hall hire will be shared between those attending.

Grading: 3rd June 2012

Well done to all 35 students who graded on Sunday 3rd June 2012. We have results, and pictures will follow.

Olympic Torch - A Field for Dreams

Cambridge Karate Club has accepted an invitation to take part in A Field for Dreams - a community arts event commissioned by Cambridge City Council as part of the celebrations for the Olympic Torch coming to Cambridge.

Our participation takes two forms:

Monday 7th May - no training

A reminder that Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall will be closed for the Bank Holiday on Monday 7th May, so there will be no training. All other training is unaffected.

Easter Monday - no training

There will no training on Easter Monday, 9th April, as Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall will be closed for the Bank Holiday. Normal training resumes the following week.

Extra hour's training - Monday 2nd April

There will be extra hour's training session on Monday 2nd April at Kelsey Kerridge, concentrating on the kata Heian Yondan.

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