Extra hour's training - Monday 6th February

On Monday 6th February at Kelsey Kerridge Sensei Claire will conduct an extra hour's training for those who wish to attend. Higher grades will focus on the kata Kanku Dai, and lower grades on the kata Heian Yondan. The cost of hiring the hall will be split between those attending; this normally works out at around £3 per head.

Dan grading training

For those 1st Kyus and 1st Dans thinking of taking their 1st or 2nd Dan in November, Sensei Durant will be conducting training sessions on the last Thursday of every month this year, during the normal training at Cambridge Regional College. He will be able to answer questions about all aspects of the grading syllabus, and will be concentrating on training candidates to improve their kata and kumite. These sessions will be invaluable, and if you are thinking of taking a black belt grading you should make every effort to attend.

Christmas Break

We wish all our students a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. The last training before Christmas will be on Monday 19th December at Kelsey Kerridge - there is no training at Netherhall or Cambridge Regional College this week. Training will resume at all locations starting with Netherhall on Wednesday 4th January 2012. We look forward to seeing everyone raring to go in the New Year!

Grading: 18th December 2011

Well done to all 28 students who graded on Sunday 18th December 2011. We have pictures and results.

Three New Black Belts - Updated with pictures

Congratulations to Hannah, Charlotte and Colm, who all achieved their 1st Dan on Saturday 26th November at the grading in Enfield. The grading was particularly tough, lasting over five hours and consisting of tests in kihon (basics), kata, ippon and jiyu ippon kumite (set sparring) and jiyu kumite (free sparring), and all three did exceptionally well to pass. There was also a written examination prior to the grading, in which they all obtained excellent marks.

Grading date changed 11th->18th December

Please note that the grading which was scheduled to be on Sunday 11th December will now take place one week later, on Sunday 18th December. The Google Calendar has been updated accordingly.

No training on Monday 3rd October - Societies' Fair

There will be no training at Kelsey Kerridge on Monday 3rd October, as the hall will be closed to enable the University Societies' Fair to take place. Training at other locations is unaffected, and we will resume as normal at Kelsey Kerridge the following week, 10th October.

Black Belt Grading and Pre-Grading Training

This year's SKA Black Belt examinations will take place on Saturday 26th November at Southbury Leisure Centre, Enfield, from 4-8pm. All students comtemplating taking this examination should attend the pre-grading training, which is an 8 week course on Fridays 30th September - 18th November inclusive at Enfield Grammer Lower School gymnasium, Parsonage Lane, Enfield.

Grading: 25th September 2011

Well done to all 27 students who graded on Sunday 25th September 2011. We have pictures and results.

Special Events for the week commencing 11th July 2011

This week there are some changes and additions to our normal training:

  • On Monday 11th July, there will be an extra hour's training at Kelsey Kerridge, concentrating on freestyle drills and focus pad work
  • On Wednesday 13th July, the 7.30 lesson at Netherhall School will be a demonstration to parents
  • On Thursday 13th July, the 7.15 lesson at Cambridge Regional College will be a demonstration to parents
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