Grading Syllabus

As students progress they gain belts of different colour at grading examinations. The links on this page describe the syllabus for each grade, and its associated belt colour.

Adult Junior Belt colour
10th Kyu 10th Kyu Red
9th Kyu 9th Kyu Orange
8th Kyu 8th Kyu Yellow
7th Kyu 7th Kyu Green
6th Kyu 6th Kyu Blue
5th Kyu 5th Kyu Purple
4th Kyu 4th Kyu Purple/White stripe
3rd Kyu 3rd Kyu Brown
2nd Kyu 2nd Kyu Brown/White stripe
1st Kyu 1st Kyu Brown/Red stripe
  Pre-Shodan Brown/Black stripe
Shodan   Black
Nidan   Black
Sandan   Black

Tom has also produced this handy Excel Spreadsheet which lists many grades on one page - very useful for teaching purposes.