Kata - Gankaku

English - Crane on a rock

The reason for the name of this kata is clear from the repeated use of crane stance (tsuru-ashi-dachi). Origially known as Chinto, this is a Tomari-te kata. Performing it requires good balance and timing, with a number of one legged techniques, rapid turns, and transitions between fast and slow sections.

The jumping kick towards the start should be performed as a nidan-geri with kicks from both legs - this is a hard move to perfect. Another difficult part of this kata to get right is ensuring that all of the manji-gamaes in the middle section are performed in kokutsu-dachi - it is easy to get this wrong, especially the third one.

Video links

Videos from YouTube.

Sensei Kanazawa

Fast and then slow.

Sensei Kato

Not actually a video of the whole kata, but breaks down all of the moves with excellent demonstrations of bunkai.