Kata - Heian Nidan

English - Peaceful Mind; Second Step

The Heian series of katas were created by Sensei Itosu, for teaching karate in Okinawan middle schools. They were completed in 1905, and were originally called the Pinan katas - many styles of karate still use this name. Sensei Funakoshi changed the name to the more Japanese sounding Heian. According to Sensei Kanazawa, the kata were given a name signifying peace and tranquility as all five katas in the series begin and end with blocking movements.

There are a lot of techniques in back stance (kokutsu-dachi) in this kata, so it requires a lot of work on this.

Video links

Videos from YouTube

Sensei Kanazawa

First quickly, and then slowly.

Sensei Kawazoe

Slowly, and then quickly from the front and the side. There are some useful comments too.