SKA Open Day: 3rd July 2011

The annual SKA Open Day will take place from 11am-4pm on Sunday 3rd July at Southbury Leisure Centre, Enfield. this represents an excellent chance for students to train with the Association's top instructors, and is highly recommended. Tickets cost £15.

As normal, the day will be broken down into three sessions:

  • Kata Learn the next kata from the syllabus. A chance to preview a kata which is more advanced than your current belt, but you will soon have to perform.
  • Kumite Deepen your knowledge of kumite and partner work, and learn new techniques in small groups.
  • Demonstrations and presentations Presentation of Dan grade certificates, and demonstrations of self defence techniques, team katas, kata applications and more.

In addition, this year, Sensei Mo will be teaching the kata Niju Hachi Ho to Second Dans and above. This was the kata which he demonstrated at last year's Open Day, and is one which Sensei Kanazawa is promoting.