Olympic Torch - A Field for Dreams

Cambridge Karate Club has accepted an invitation to take part in A Field for Dreams - a community arts event commissioned by Cambridge City Council as part of the celebrations for the Olympic Torch coming to Cambridge.

Our participation takes two forms:

  • An artist will be visiting the club for a workshop on the evenings of Wednesday 6th June and Thursday 7th June, to produce some Olympic themed artwork with us, which will form part of the celebration. At the moment the exact form of this is unclear, but we're promised fun!
  • The club will be performing a demonstration of karate on the main stage of the Big Day Out on Parker's Piece on the evening of Saturday 7th July, when the Olympic flame is there. Obviously we expect there to be a large audience, and we want to have as many club members as possible involved.

This is a very exciting event, and should be great fun. Club members - please reserve the dates in your diaries now, especially 7th July, so that we put on the best show we can.