SKA Open Day 2010

The SKA Open Day 2010 will be held on Sunday 4th July, at Southbury Leisure Centre, Enfield, from 11am-4pm. Whatever your grade, this is always a great day's training.

Students who attend the open day will get the chance to learn a new kata, and different and advanced kumite. The day finishes with demonstrations by senior grades, and the presentation of black belt certificates. It's a great chance to be taught by the top instructors in the SKA, and to train with students from other clubs. This is particularly worthwhile for anyone who thinks they may ever like to become a black belt, as it gives you the chance to meet those you would be training and grading with.

The cost is £16 for both adults and juniors

Southbury Leisure Centre is easy to get to from Cambridge - either down the A10, or down the M11 and round the M25. There will probably be space available in cars if you need a lift - ask a sensei.