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This is the book list from the syllabus, the links provided are amazon associate links and money collected through this scheme goes towards funding the website: -

Contact Us

You can contact our club secretary on the following e-mail (, you might like to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page first.

Google Calendars

There are two maintained Google calendars which have all the events in them: -

  • Cambridge Karate Club Events
  • Shotokan Karate Association Events


NOTE - due to Covid-19, no classes are currently running. We plan to restart training from 24th September at Cambridge Regional College, with full social distancing measures in place. Students will be required to complete a Track and Trace form.

We have a variety of classes to suit all students, and needs: -

Adult & Junior Classes

  • For children and families wishing to learn karate together, then we have two classes which will meet your requirements. Wednesdays at 19:30 (Netherhall School) and Thursdays at 19:15 (Cambridge Regional College on King's Hedges Road)
  • For adults wishing to train without children - Mondays at 20:30, and Wednesdays at 20:30

Class Details

  • NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING DUE TO COVID-19 Adults training at Kelsey Kerridge, 20:30 - 21:30 on Monday Nights. This is our weekly kihon class, covering basic techniques - if you are an adult wishing to train in karate - this is the class for you.
  • NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING DUE TO COVID-19 Adults and Juniors training at Netherhall Upper School, 19:30 - 20:30 on Wednesday Nights. This is a class suited to adults and juniors alike, families welcome.
  • RESTARTING 24th September 2020 Mixed training at CRC, 19:15 - 20:15 on Thursday Nights. This is a large class suited to adults and juniors alike, families welcome.


Training costs are:

  • First lesson free: see if you like it.
  • For beginners: £20 for the first four lessons, then the monthly prices below.
  • Training once a week - £30/month Juniors and Adults.
  • Training twice a week - £45/month Juniors and Adults.
  • Monthly prices are applicable if paying by standing order; if paying by cash or cheque, add £2/month.
  • 10% reduction for two or more students training from the same family

SKA Events 2007

Please see Google Calenders for all events

On this site there are pages about the 2007 SKA events: -

The SKA Open Day 8th July 2007
Advanced Training for Brown Belts 25th March 2007 and 20th May 2007
Advanced Training for Black Belts 29th April 2007 and 24th June 2007
Black & Brown Belt Kata Course 7th October 2007

All these events are at Southbury Leisure Centre, Southbury Road, Enfield.

Yahoo Group

We now have a Yahoo! Group, which you can join and message everyone who is also in the group. When you've joined please post a message to introduce yourself.

Old SKA Website

A version of the old website can now be found on this site - it is still very broken - unfortunately much of it was image and javascript based so many of the links don't work. Meanwhile here are a few links into the site that you might find useful: -

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