Kata - Tekki Shodan

English - Iron Horse; First Step

The Tekki series of three katas were originally known as naihanchi, and were renamed by Sensei Funakoshi. They come from the Shuri-te school of kata in Okinawa. Tekki Shodan is very different from the heian katas that precede it, and marks an important stage in the development of a karateka.

This kata is performed entirely in kiba-dachi, and so mastering this stance is vital. Keep the hips square throughout the kata, and make sure that you move the head sharply to look at each technique. On the "returning wave kicks" (nami-ashi) bring the foot up in front of the body to deflect a kick to the groin.

Video links

Videos from YouTube

Sensei Kanazawa

First quickly, and then slowly.

Sensei Osaka

From the front and from the side. From the side you can see where the feet go in the nami-ashi (see above).