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Zenkutsu-dachi Front stance
Kokutsu-dachi Back stance
Kiba-dachi Side (straddle) stance
Sanchin-dachi Hour-glass stance
Hangetsu-dachi Half-moon stance
Neko-ashi-dachi Cat stance
Heisoku-dachi Informal attention stance (toes together)
Musubi-dachi Informal attention stance (toes apart)
Hachiji-dachi Open leg stance (yoi)
Heiko-dachi Parallel stance
Uchi-hachiji-dachi Inverted open leg stance
Teiji-dachi T stance
Renoji-dachi L stance
Shizentai Natural position
Shiko-dachi Square stance
Kosa-dachi Crossed feet stance
Fudo-dachi (Sochin-dachi) Rooted stance