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Cambridge Karate Club

Dragon screenshot At Cambridge Karate Club, we practise Shotokan Karate offering training to students of all ages and abilities. We are a fairly social bunch, and usually manage to do a few things together throughout the year. We are part of the Shotokan Karate Association and there are 4 gradings per year, along with an open day and some additional events for more advanced students.
Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details, and our training page for our training locations. There are also some Google Calendars with all our events on them.
"Karate" (meaning "empty hand") is an unarmed combat system originating in Okinawa. Shotokan is the style of karate which comes from the school of Sensei Gichin Funakoshi, who brought it from Okinawa to Japan in 1922. Karate can help you:

  • Improve your coordination and confidence;
  • Develop your stamina and fitness through cross-training;
  • Learn self-defence techniques.

All our classes are taught by fully qualified instructors.

Also see: Shotokan on Wikipedia

Punch and Kick SKA Challenge

Sensei Claire will be attempting to run 100km from London to Brighton on 23/24 May, raising money for the Alzheimers Association. We will be helping her to raise money by holding sponsored karate sessions of 500 kicks and punches during the week of 1-6 June. Please see your sensei for sponsorship forms.

SKA Open Day 2015 - Sunday 14th June

The SKA Open Day will be at Southbury Leisure Centre on Sunday 14th June. This is a great chance to train with other instructors and other students from throughout the Association. More information can be found on the SKA website

Calendar for 2015

All of the SKA and Cambridge events for 2015 have been added to our calendar page. Events of particular note to members are:

  • Cambridge Gradings on 8th March, 7th June, 27th September and 13th December at 10am at Cambridge Regional College. These can also be found on the gradings page
  • The Black Belt Grading on 23rd May at 5pm at Southbury Leisure Centre
  • The SKA Open Day on 14th June at 12pm at Southbury Leisure Centre

Grading: 7th December 2014

Well done to all 31 students who graded on Sunday 7th December 2014. We have pictures and results.

No Training on Monday 13th October

There will be no training on Monday 13th October, as we won't have access to the hall we normally use in Kelsey Kerridge. Training will resume as normal on 20th October.

Grading: 14th September 2014

Well done to all 16 students who graded on Sunday 14th September 2014. We have pictures and results.

Saturday class postponed until Autumn

The new class at Cambridge Regional College has been postponed until the autumn. Other classes are unaffected.

Brown and Black Belt Kata Course - Sunday 18th May

The SKA Brown and Black Belt Kata course will take place on Sunday 18th May from 11am-1pm at Southbury Leisure Centre, Enfield.

Early training on Monday 5th May

Kelsey Kerridge closes at 7pm on Monday 5th May, so we have booked the hall from 6-7pm.

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